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Mineral reserves
is one of 
the most potential any country. With discovery of large mineral mining much of the country's reserves and other hand development of industrial and Replacing the industry as first priority kerman province, The need to identify new and alternative deposit is felt more than ever.
 Kerman province have first place for variety of mineral deposits, mining and ore deposits. Much of these valuable deposits not yet identified Therefore a exact systematic exploration work is needed to explore them. 
According developer of country increasing mineral resources is most important. hidden deposits are most form of mineral resources in  Iran and specially in Kerman therefore Kerman province is one  of most important province that have potential of mining and study. Attention to one of important professional approach as exploration of
hidden(concealed) deposits predict is for this headlines
- The application of modern exploration techniques in the detection of hidden reserves
- The relationship between geological formations and hidden deposits
- Use of geophysical well logging methods in the exploration of hidden reserves
- The application of geochemical techniques to identify hidden deposits
- Explain the importance of hidden reserves in the province 's development plan
- Introducing potential Kerman province of hidden reserves to private and public sector actors
- Encourage private sector investors in the exploration of these resources and communicate with

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